A decision making tool that maps Climate Cleanup value chains and visualises your impact within the Doughnut Economy.

Donometer is an intervention that grows out of a collaboration with the Digital Society School at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

They perceived a gap between the research conducted and actual implementation of solutions towards reversing climate change. In an attempt to close this gap, we developed a tool based on the concept of Doughnut Economics.

It is a decision-making tool that we call ‘The Donometer’, designed to make climate change more actionable by visualising the impact of your choices and helps you to find and calculate better solutions.

Meet the Donometer Project

Check out the full project, you can contact them and be part of it.

Climate Cleanup

They support climate we wupport them

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See more of Andy Dockett, one of the WBA members and one of the creators of the app.



Revolution (2016) is a documentary dance film co-directed by Betania Gonzalez and Andy Dockett. Combining the force of nearly 100 dancers this film documents the invasion of the city by a choreographic phenomenon of apparitions and interventions.

The documentary follow the project as it evolves over its 10 iterations with the participants increasing in number each time as they invade different parts of Santiago.

“The dancers multiplied like spirals and danced just like the synchronized movement of a flock of birds or like a manifestation where individuals move with common sense. It was a great dance encounter, ”said Betania González, co-director of the documentary.

The documentary is an audiovisual construction of a fictional Santiago that we would like to inhabit, a city with hidden places but that we also all recognize, occupying these meeting spaces in a choreography where we ask ourselves what is or could be the revolution we need today.

Know more about the Dance production

Check out the vimeo with all the videos and projects related to dance.

Teaser 1

Check out the other teaser realese for the project.

Support of the Project

The “Revolution” project, Fondart Nacional 2015, was supported by the Municipality of Santiago.

Can carbon tax save the world?

Can carbon tax save the world?

This podcast is about wicked problems, problems so complex that to solve them means we’ll have to change the very way we look at the world.

Over the next six episodes we’ll be trying to unpick some of these wicked problems, by looking at the social, cultural and political transformations that are needed to achieve a carbon neutral economy by the year 2050.

This task is huge, and needs a massive effort by every sector of society, above all it means breaking our dependency on fossil fuels.

But to do this effectively there needs to be viable alternatives and this alternative economy will need to be scaled-up and fast. That’s why we’re taking a close look at carbon tax.

Check out the website, here you will find all the info related to the documentary, link to the social network were we publish the campaigne.



VLPO it’s a Progressive Web App, a tourism guide, with a specialized workflow for the municipality of valparaiso, that merge all of the touristic ofert of the city of Valparaiso.

The content it subdivided in large categories and subcategories allowing a good distribution of the content, the app work with geo location as a main body structure  making it very usefull for the user. 

The WBA hve been working on digital tourism guides since 6 years alredy, its something that we love to do, we still working on how top innovate in this area.

we love this kind of content.

Check out the website, here you will find all the info related to the documentary, link to the social network were we publish the campaigne.

Valparaiso Brand Resume

The app was part of a campaign for branding valparaíso, was executed of 2 person of the team of the WBA and mayor house of valparaiso. check the resume of the work its a rescue of the identity of Valparaiso.

Atacama Contrasts

Its a chilean desert guide, the buidler of the site colaborate us with some photography work, travel to Valparaíso and made some footage on the port. (it’s the same logic of VLPO but with different back-end)



Valparaisology derives in being a unique social science, as a discipline, tends towards a rigorous and methodical search for hidden and lost aspects of the urban history of the port, its myths, legends and, nostalgia for the city transformed into the warehouse of poetry about The South Pacific coast.
Valparaíso, unrepeatable city, of legendary elevators, painters and night owls. City of going up and down. City of fires, looting speculation, earthquakes. Port of lights and storms; port of shipwreck, ships, loves, desires. The most extraordinary city in Chile.
the WBA have been colavorating since 8 years alredy, we are responsable for the brand, the web site, a post cards colection, a book, we love this project because its a city that hass the story ingrave on the walls you actually can walk on a witness of the first phase of the globalization.
Today we still working on the project its hass many original oportunities, if you are interest on knowing one of the project of valparaisology just get in touch. They specialuty its audiovisual produtction, with many years of expierence and very good taste.

Check out the website, here you will find all the info related to this discipline, and the contact to be part of it.

Legendary Elevators,

Here you will find the story of most of the elevator, the content its in spanish

Valparaiso on Rails

Check out this book, that hass excelent photographic material (and its in english)

Audiovisual Projects

Take a look on 2 of the 5 project that valparaisology its working on right now.