His work takes multiple formats, from the production of clothing and objects to the development of workshops, as well as installations and audiovisual products. 

They seek to generate experiences that respond to integral recycling projects.

We been working with DOCENA since 4 years alredy, we have a common vision of the world and together we belive that not everething is lost and everething can be upcycled (yep not recicled but upcycled).

In the time I spend working together, we achieve successes and failures, we manage to make a website, we have made different graphics, we have 3 minibooks, we put together exhibitions and now we are generating an upcycling directory called suprareciclaje.com (upcycling in Spanish, it’s a latinamerican netowork, of course its going to have a spanish version but at the moment we still on Beta).

Our work whit docena


Upcycle it’s a verb that means reuse (discard objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of a higher quality or value than the original.

Check the project still on Beta version, soon will be out the first latinamerican directory of upcycling agents.


Why you should use DOCENA clothes

support this work with Graphic Design and Script, this video represent the work of DOCENA.

DOCENA's Web site

Check it out, here you will find more of theur work, and in the same time check out ours.

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Docena’s web site