It is a documentary feature film about a curious phenomenon of nature in the Sierras de Tandilia (Argentina) where apparently exists a system of connections between different lithic elements of the area, is woven forming a ritual landscape.

The director of the documentary goes into this hypothesis to elucidate whether megalithic constructions related to the stars can exist in the Tandilia System or if the location of the stones is simply the product of a chance of nature.

During the process the WBA made several pieces, helping with a cartography with GIS techonolgy, enabling too locate the stones and verify the theory of the film. Manage to build the web site to the project, papers with information, grahpics and the websites of the film agency.

Today we still working on the project publishing constantly content of the investigation and the documentary footage.

Check out the website, here you will find all the info related to the documentary, link to the social network were we publish the campaigne.

Malcriados Audiovisuales

the WBA support the film agency managin to build the web site and generate a better marketing for the project.

de Hormigón Armado

Made of concrete its other movie of Malcriados Audiovisuales, they have a very interesting projects and the WBA support them all.

Project Research

Take a look of a small part of the investigation, here you will find some description of stones and some criterias that was aplied to the documentary film.