Revolution (2016) is a documentary dance film co-directed by Betania Gonzalez and Andy Dockett. Combining the force of nearly 100 dancers this film documents the invasion of the city by a choreographic phenomenon of apparitions and interventions.

The documentary follow the project as it evolves over its 10 iterations with the participants increasing in number each time as they invade different parts of Santiago.

“The dancers multiplied like spirals and danced just like the synchronized movement of a flock of birds or like a manifestation where individuals move with common sense. It was a great dance encounter, ”said Betania González, co-director of the documentary.

The documentary is an audiovisual construction of a fictional Santiago that we would like to inhabit, a city with hidden places but that we also all recognize, occupying these meeting spaces in a choreography where we ask ourselves what is or could be the revolution we need today.

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Support of the Project

The “Revolution” project, Fondart Nacional 2015, was supported by the Municipality of Santiago.