Valparaisology derives in being a unique social science, as a discipline, tends towards a rigorous and methodical search for hidden and lost aspects of the urban history of the port, its myths, legends and, nostalgia for the city transformed into the warehouse of poetry about The South Pacific coast.
Valparaíso, unrepeatable city, of legendary elevators, painters and night owls. City of going up and down. City of fires, looting speculation, earthquakes. Port of lights and storms; port of shipwreck, ships, loves, desires. The most extraordinary city in Chile.
the WBA have been colavorating since 8 years alredy, we are responsable for the brand, the web site, a post cards colection, a book, we love this project because its a city that hass the story ingrave on the walls you actually can walk on a witness of the first phase of the globalization.
Today we still working on the project its hass many original oportunities, if you are interest on knowing one of the project of valparaisology just get in touch. They specialuty its audiovisual produtction, with many years of expierence and very good taste.

Check out the website, here you will find all the info related to this discipline, and the contact to be part of it.

Legendary Elevators,

Here you will find the story of most of the elevator, the content its in spanish

Valparaiso on Rails

Check out this book, that hass excelent photographic material (and its in english)

Audiovisual Projects

Take a look on 2 of the 5 project that valparaisology its working on right now.