VLPO it’s a Progressive Web App, a tourism guide, with a specialized workflow for the municipality of valparaiso, that merge all of the touristic ofert of the city of Valparaiso.

The content it subdivided in large categories and subcategories allowing a good distribution of the content, the app work with geo location as a main body structure  making it very usefull for the user. 

The WBA hve been working on digital tourism guides since 6 years alredy, its something that we love to do, we still working on how top innovate in this area.

we love this kind of content. 


Check out the website, here you will find all the info related to the documentary, link to the social network were we publish the campaigne.

Valparaiso Brand Resume

The app was part of a campaign for branding valparaíso, was executed of 2 person of the team of the WBA and mayor house of valparaiso. check the resume of the work its a rescue of the identity of Valparaiso.

Atacama Contrasts

Its a chilean desert guide, the buidler of the site colaborate us with some photography work, travel to Valparaíso and made some footage on the port. (it’s the same logic of VLPO but with different back-end)