Inspired by ground-breaking projects in Berlin, Valparaiso, Brasilia and The Bronx, the Dundas West Public Museum builds on previous area beautification projects and defines our area as an open air museum that can be enjoyed by visitors and explored virtually through the website  Like all contemporary museums our visual art is enhanced by music, film and other performance based arts.

The initiative builds on mural art previously created in the Dundas West neighbourhood by both local BIAs, and by local and international street artists. These public art works have been included in many guided walking tours and help to promote sustainable and creative economic growth in the area.

Spearheaded by the international “Creativo Arts Collective” and the “Lula Music & Arts Centre”, and the many talented Artists’, as we’ll as the Dundas West and Little Portugal BIAs, with support from the City of Toronto’s Economic Development department & the STARTs program the museum also has an online life through a website and a mobile app.

With the assistance of community partners, we share the art and history of our culturally diverse area with cultural/art tourists from around the corner and around the globe!


Museum App

The Dundas West Open Air Museum app is now available for free on both Android and IOS platforms. Download the app and take your own guided tour of the museum!

The app contains information on each mural in the Museum: when it was created, artist details, and any related news. It also features interactive maps to help you make your way around the collection. The app can be downloaded on both Google Play and iTunes. Click on the links below to choose your platform: 

web site