Culture, Content and Sustainability.

design & web development

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Our main interest it’s the sustentabily, everey proyect it’s from 2019

Can Carbon

Tax Save the World

Podcast Series

This podcast is about wicked problems, problems so complex that to solve them means we’ll have to change the very way we look at the world.


Web & Graphic Design

His work takes multiple formats, from the production of clothing and objects to the development of workshops, as well as installations and audiovisual products. They seek to generate experiences that respond to integral recycling projects.



A decision making tool that maps Climate Cleanup value chains and visualises your impact within the Doughnut Economy.

And manage to make cultural city proyects. Impruving the Branding of the city


 Design & Project support

Valparaisology derives in being a unique social science, as a discipline, tends towards a rigorous and methodical search for hidden and lost aspects of the urban history of the port, its myths, legends and, nostalgia for the city transformed into the warehouse of poetry about The South Pacific coast.


Progressive Web App

VLPO it’s a Progressive Web App, a tourism guide, with a specialized workflow for the municipality of valparaiso, that merge all of the touristic ofert of the city of Valparaiso.

We go for cultural Audiovisual Project, Movie feauters. 



Revolution (2016) is a documentary dance film co-directed by Betania Gonzalez and Andy Dockett. Combining the force of nearly 100 dancers this film documents the invasion of the city by a choreographic phenomenon of apparitions and interventions.

La Otra Parte, Tandil.

Graphic Design, Marketing Campaign 

It is a documentary feature film about a curious phenomenon of nature in the Sierras de Tandilia (Argentina) where apparently exists a system of connections between different lithic elements of the area, is woven forming a ritual landscape. 

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